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Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning technicians use orange citrus pre-treatment solutions and only the best products to ensure our carpet cleaning services are cleaner, drier, and safer than the rest.  We deal with all types of carpet stains, spots, and odors quickly and efficiently with the best spot removing products and tools available today. Dirty Problems uses a Rotary machine which is a Patented Rotary Jet Extractor that utilizes rotary vacuum heads to thoroughly deep clean carpet with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passes. The Rotary is a carpet steam cleaning machine that cleans carpets better and leaves them dry in 1-3 hours. And you can’t go wrong with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee!

Our Residential Carpet Cleaning Service

  • Exclusive Citrus Solv a heavy duty carpet pre-spray cleaners that clean, deodorize, and sanitize
  • Edge cleaning tools guaranteed to remove or reduce black edges on carpets" which is called Filtration.
  • Professional, uniformed Cleaning Technicians wearing shoe covers
  • Pre-Inspection before commencing work and Post-Inspection at the end of the job
  • Corner Guards placed strategically to prevent hose from rub on walls and furniture.
  • Protective foil pads and foam blocks placed under furniture as required
  • Expert stain removal (for more serious problems our specialty-cleaning services can help)
  • 30 -Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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Upholstery Cleaning

People often forget about cleaning their upholstery, even though it acts as a filter system along with carpets and absorbs all the dead skin cells, dust and allergens in your home. It is important to establish a regular furniture upholstery cleaning schedule.

Our trained professional cleaning technicians take the time to fully understand your unique furniture upholstery cleaning needs. We can clean your sofa, loveseat, arm chair, recliner, office chair, dining chairs, ottoman, or sectional couch. We can clean most natural and synthetic fabrics. Natural fabrics include cotton, cotton blends, linen, and wool. Synthetic fabrics include acetate, microfiber, nylon, polyester, and rayon blends. We do not clean silk or 100% rayon.

At Dirty Problems we use citrus cleaning solutions which clean, deodorize and sanitize, removing the deepest soils safely and gently while leaving a fresh-cut citrus scent. 

We clean all your upholstery by hand, using a high pressure easy reach upholstery tool, which has the same jetless sheeting action as the rotary carpet cleaning machine, leaving your upholstery dry sooner. This superior cleaning tool releases cleaning solution in a constant, concentrated stream that powers through soil quickly, leaving behind virtually no residual moisture. The result: no over-wetting or overspray to clean up. In fact, the high pressure easy reach upholstery tool leaves fabrics 50% drier than the conventional furniture upholstery cleaning tools that our competitors often use. Along with the Rotary Machine for carpets, the Upholstery tool is yet another way that Dirty Problems invests in giving customers the best the industry has to offer.


Mattress Cleaning

Dirty Problems is here to provide all of your matters cleaning needs. Many different contaminants can plague your mattress just from everyday use such as germs, stains, odor, allergens and dust mites, pet allergens that are a possible health hazard to you and your family. Dirty Problems is here to provide a complete and comprehensive cleaning to rid your mattress from these contaminants. We believe that since you spend at least around 8 hours of your day on your mattress, it should be the place you feel the most comfortable in and the most health free area since you breathe directly over the mattress. In order to achieve this, the professional cleaning of your mattress is a necessary action that needs to happen on a regular bases. With this action, you are providing a safe and healthy environment when you are relaxing or sleeping in your bed. We provide cleaning solutions to attack these contaminant and provide you with a safe and healthy sleeping area.

Process to Clean you’re Mattress

Vacuum and Steam Cleaning

The first steps that we take is the actual vacuuming of the bed and its components. We start this process by taking the entire mattress off the railings. We use industrial strength vacuums to apply to both sides of the mattress. With this action, we get the dander and dirt that could have seeped through from one side to the other. With this technique, we get all the dirt and dust that is accumulated throughout time and usage. After this action is complete, we apply a high strength steam clean to the mattress. This attacks the remaining dirt and stain that is present after the thorough vacuuming. With these approaches, we are able to rid you from all the dust, stain and odor.


With the different types of contaminants that can be found on bedding, these germs can cause a massive amount of allergies for the bed user specifically dust mites and pet allergens. We provide a great solution for this situation. With the application of hypoallergenic agents, we get rid of the allergen causing contaminants and protect you and your family from developing allergies and asthma as a results of breathing these allergens every day. This action assures that the bed has been cleaned thoroughly, and provides a safe and healthy setting for your enjoyment. Once we apply the specialized products, we allow the bed to dry for an appropriate amount of time, and then reinstall it back to the bed rails for your usage.

Healthy mattress is our concern
With the different equipment and cleaning solutions that we use, our overall goal is to provide a healthy, dust and allergen free environment for and a clean mattress as an end result. We strive to make sure that your cleaning needs are met and exceed, so that you do not have to worry about health risks and factors that could cause you to sleep uneasy at night. With our cleaning, you can sleep with ease knowing that these health factors are not a concern.

Thorough Cleaning for your Satisfaction

With our different cleaning methods used, we only strive for the client’s satisfaction. Cleaning your mattress yourself can be a very hard ordeal. With our proper cleaning and washing techniques, we take the hardship out of this housework. We complete the cleaning in a timely manner and only deliver safe and healthy environments as the aftermath. We are ready to clean your mattress, with satisfaction and contentment in mind.


Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning and Area Rug cleaning has never been easier with us! Many of us find that placing designer and high end rugs and carpets in some areas in our home or office, is a great way of introducing more comfort, style and coziness to our surroundings. With these popular and expensive fabrics, it is mandatory that you keep these areas clean and unsoiled in order for you to enjoy the surroundings and beauty of it. Maintaining your rugs in a professional way is not only crucial to your surroundings and how it is displayed, but it also prolongs the life of the rug and its value. With a professional and proficient attitude, Dirty Problems is your answer to these cleaning needs. These area rugs and fabrics, is a highly demanded facet that needs professional cleaning along with the other fabrics in your home or office. Dirty Problems provides these great services.

What can Dirty Problems do for your Area Rugs and Mats?

High level of Cleanliness 

Many that clean the rugs or mats on their own, think that a smooth vacuum can clean and rid the area of all soiled deposits. Although it may look like the rug is clean, the dirt and grime can bury itself deep within the fabric. Rugs are placed in areas of high traffic and need professional deep cleaning while still taking care of the fabric to ensure no damage is placed during this process due to the nature of some of those sensitive fabrics. We are professionals that are well trained in the cleaning of these areas to the next level. With the use of a high powered rotary cleaning machines and specialized solutions, we attack the grime at the base of the problem and clean each layer of the rug. This eliminates the dirt from the base to the face of the mat, leaving a highly clean and good looking piece while still maintaining the fabric in its original state.

Accommodation to All Rug Types 

We know that there is many different types of rugs and mats that our clients use and possess encompassing very from sensitive and high end imported fabrics. With the knowledge and training we have, there is no limitation to what our services can provide. This includes the much loved shagged carpet and the very stylish and elegant Oriental rug. With some rug types, including the very expensive Oriental rug, the process has to be done in a more precise and detailed manner. We are able to provide you with the specialized cleaning needs that you would need to tackle these stains, dirt and grime on your rugs while still maintaining and taking care of your rug. We can target the grit that effects these great pieces and eliminate any dirt and grime present. With no restriction to these cleaning matters, Dirty Problems provides the best in accommodation for all clients alike, no matter the style or fabric of the rug.

Expertise in the Cleaning Process all for the Customer’s Demand

With the different varieties and styles of rugs, Dirty Problems bring our expertise, quality, professionalism and extensive training to your rug cleaning needs. We identify the problem areas of the rug with precision and care. We take the different fabrics and materials of the rug into consideration, along with the application of the correct cleaning agents to dissolve the grime that is present. With more intense rugs and mats, we use steam cleaning water extraction that does not damage the area and leaves the rug in its natural and stylish state. This is done with expertise and experience.