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Job Opportunities

Carpet Cleaning Technician

- Clean carpeted rooms and floors with approved cleaning solution.

- Buffs, polishes, and/or strips floors using heavy equipment at heath care facilities, educational facilities, manufacturing space, production  areas, athletic facilities, and office buildings.
- Dusts, mops, and/or vacuums floors as assigned; buffs or extracts carpet if needed.
- Strips and waxes floors as scheduled; cleans and maintains entrances as assigned.
- Moves furniture as requested; cleans upholstery as scheduled; cleans equipment.
- Sweeps, mops, scrubs, polishes floors and vacuums hallways, stairs and office space.
- Notifies supervisor concerning need for major repairs or additions to original work assignment.

- Performs routine operational maintenance of equipment per manufacture specifications.
- May perform advanced cleaning procedures for carpeted floor and carpet care.
- Complies with all company safety and risk management policies and procedures.
- Reports all accidents and injuries in a timely manner.

- Ability to present self in a highly professional manner to others and understands that honesty and ethics are essential.
- Ability to maintain a positive attitude.
- Ability to communicate with co-workers and other departments with professionalism and respect.
- Ability to maintain a professional relationship with all coworkers, vendor representatives, supervisors, managers, customers and client representatives.
- Ability to provide clear directions and respond accordingly to coworkers.
- Ability to use relevant electronic devices.
- Willingness to be open to learning and growing.
- Maturity of judgement and behavior.
- Ability to pass background and drug screening.
- Honest, hardworking and willing to be part of a Team.

House Cleaning Technician

Commitment to the job and loyalty to the clients. Our cleaners are the face of our company, and to our clients, they are the company. A friendly disposition is essential. Our employees work in small teams. You must also have a strong work ethic and care about how your actions impact other hard-working people.

- Maintain a strong work ethic with a total commitment to success each and every day.
- Make a good impression by providing highly detailed cleaning service for our clients.
- Commit to showing up every day.
- Loyalty to our clients.
- Provide highly detailed cleaning service for our clients.
- Provide leadership and outstanding team work to co-workers.
- Must be have a positive attitude and be responsible, courteous, detail-oriented, accountable and friendly.
- Handle information processing accurately and honestly.
- Be accountable for supplies, keys, files, and other personal information.
- Calmly handle a variety of different situations which are perceived as important to our clients.
- Work together with assigned cleaning team to ensure the best service to our clients.
- Teamwork, social flexibility, and strong people skills are mandatory.
- Communicate with management and office personnel.
- Be available to work some Saturdays during our busy seasons.

Required experience:
- You enjoy cleaning and are enthusiastic about your work.
- You understand what hard work is and know cleaning can be physically tiring.
- You have excellent customer service skills.
- You are hard-working and have experience with physical labor.
- You are dedicated to customer service.
- You are friendly and able to put homeowners and others at ease.
- Excellent listening and observation skills.
- Excellent writing and verbal communication skills.
- Excellent organization and good with small details.
- Knowledge and experience of professional cleaning including deep  cleans, post construction and move in/out cleans is strongly preferred.
- Must be able to work in areas that have animals, primarily cats and dogs.
- Must be able to work in areas that have a lot of dust and pet hair.
- Must enjoy working with other people in a team environment.
- An outgoing personality with good phone etiquette.
- Self-motivation and can actively solve problems when they happen.
- Pride in getting your work done accurately and timely.

Physical Demands and Work Environment:
- The primary work environment for this position is cleaning inside of clients’ homes
- You must have the ability to be on your feet and alert for extended periods of time.
- The physical demands for this position include lifting, pushing, standing, squatting, stooping, reaching, seeing (with a focus on detailed checking of cleaning work), talking, turning, and walking.

- Likes to clean (No cleaning experience required!).
- Hard working and reliable.
- Likes making customers happy.
- Comfortable driving your own vehicle to and from cleans.
- Available Monday through Friday 8:00am-5:00pm.
- Willing and able to work in homes that have pets.
- Must be able to lift up to 25 lbs as needed.


We are on the hunt for a skilled and reliable Handyperson to join our maintenance department. You will be responsible for all upkeep and repair duties including maintaining green spaces, identifying the need for repairs, responding to clients’ maintenance requests, and servicing company equipment.

To be an effective handyperson, you will be skilled and hard-working, with outstanding problem-solving abilities. Skillful hands, good physical stamina, and strong technical knowledge are important parts of the successful candidates’ talents.

A Handyperson performs a range of maintenance duties for homeowners and businesses, either as a contract worker or member of the maintenance  department. Their duties include fixing plumbing systems, providing repair guidance, cleaning and remodeling community spaces, and performing repair assessments.


  • Perform basic tasks including painting and filling crevices, clean facilities and managing maintenance repairs.
  • Perform repairs on company machinery, equipment or appliances.
  • Detect and report the need for major maintenance repairs.
  • Regularly check community spaces to identify issues with litter, mechanical failure or breakdowns.
  • Respond to clients’ maintenance requests in a timely and professional manner.
  • Repair plumbing, electrical and safety systems.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of outside spaces such as parking lots and sidewalks.
  • Oversee the sprinkler system and trash containers on the company premises.
  • Conduct performance assessments of company appliances, such as refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, ovens and coffee makers.
  • Provide clients’ with support and guidance on maintaining their equipment.


  • High school diploma or equivalent qualification required.
  • A minimum of 2 years’ working experience in a similar role.
  • Solid experience with plumbing and electrical systems.
  • Ability to work with hardware tools and power equipment.
  • Extremely organized with good communication skills.
  • Detail-orientated with an aptitude for problem-solving.